Real WoodCraft Design for your New Home Furniture

The Indian Woodcraft is famous to people, probably long before the period of prehistoric arts of the stone age period. Designated as “Sutradhar” Indian woodworkers are highly esteemed in society. Wooden handicrafts are widely preferred not only in India but also throughout the world. With lots of wooden handicrafts found in various parts of the world, the items are getting more and more popular among people.


If you are really eager to decorate your sweet home with exceptionally-designed furniture, there is no other thing that is as booming as woodcraft items.


The various number of woods, found in India, are used to make exceptionally-crafted furniture that you would certainly like for home and domestic purposes. Some of these woods are Cedar, Ebony, Rosewood, Shisham, walnut, etc. These woods are also used to curve different sculptures, statues, wooden toys, attractive showpieces, wooden horses or elephants, and many other items that will make your neighbors envious. When your new home flaunts its style with new furniture, it also needs to be decorated thoroughly. All the areas of your home are not equally attractive. But the classic woodcraft items are so vibrant that they can turn every corner charming.


The most common variety of Indian woodcraft

Wooden Jewelry Boxes are also popular among women for their elaborate carving designs. Their brass hatching and hammered metal is ornamented with inlaid flower-patterned designs, imprinted with gorgeous paintings and finished in gloss. The wooden musical instrument boxes are also crafted meticulously and the musicians carry the boxes with pride wherever they go.

If you want to know about furniture manufacturing regions in India, remember to visit the places below that offer a kind of furniture most coveted for your dream home.


You can visit UP (Uttar Pradesh). It is Sharanpur, in Uttar Pradesh, which is renowned for its woodcraft items. These items are all wooden handicrafts cut along with a chisel out of wood. The items made in the city are highly praised everywhere in the world.


Barmer in Rajasthan is famous for woodcraft furniture made out of locally-produced wood that is used for making different pieces of furniture like chairs, cabinets, different shapes of tables, rakes, chests, etc. This delicate furniture, designed with lattice or jail, is made out of sandalwood or rosewood which are really durable.


Apart from these states, the places like Baster, Gwalior, and Kashmir are also renowned for woodcraft furniture, designed by dexterous craftsmen.


If you are really a man of a romantic bent of mind, then you would certainly love candle dinner. You will feel distinguished if you use your candle in a woodcraft candle. The designs are unique with each and every stand which are surely loved by the lovers to spend their hours of romance in front of the candle.


The woodcraft artisan designs them with terrifically intricate carvings. Buy these items for home and office to show your distinctive taste and style.